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Signs of the Times

Since the formation of Parks Victoria by the Kennett government there has been a growing trend in "improving" our parks for the "safety" and "comfort" of (international) tourists at the cost of a true outdoor experience.  There is a fine line between such measures and the preservation of the natural experience and in my opinion this line is being crossed on many occasions by parks management.  Perhaps the most obvious is the proliferation of warning signs... so in the interests of public safety I have made up my own warning notice summarising any signs you might see in your travels.


You are about to enter the real world.
Shit happens!!!

  • Wet rocks are slippery. When you slip and fall it will hurt and you may also get wet.
  • Branches fall from gum trees, particularly on stormy days. If they hit you on the head it will hurt.
  • Gorges, by definition, have very steep sides often forming vertical cliffs. If you walk over the edge of a cliff it will hurt.
  • Snow can fall at ANY time of the year in alpine areas. Snow is very cold.
  • Ocean waves are unpredictable. It is very hard to stay standing when you're being hit by a tonne of water moving at speed.
  • Wildlife can be... well, wild.
  • There are no street signs on every tree. If you don't know where you're going you can get lost.

Be prepared, and get over it when it happens. Your safety is in your hands.


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