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Virtual Victoria

This site does not use any IPIX images.

The very existence of this site is partly due to the efforts of software developers who have not only taken the time to write excellent software but also to literally give it away. Had the legal actions of IPIX against these developers (and against other developers) in an attempt to destroy all competition in the VR market been successful you would not have been viewing these panoramas today.

Oct 2000

Not content with suing software companies and individuals, IPIX have now started targeting photographers in the US and Europe who use alternate methods of displaying complete panoramas even though they technically do not infringe their patent.

One of them, at least, had also used IPIX images on his website, but rather than try to persuade him that of the benefits of their system they threatened him  with a rather nasty letter.  This is the way they treat their own clients.  It's no wonder their share price is plummeting. 

More information on this issue can be found at the following links:


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