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Big Ben's Victoria
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Virtual Victoria


The Jaws of Death

aka The Balconies

[ Preview image ]

 [ Location ] This rock formation was probably named because a) when viewed from the side it looks like an animals jaw and b) it's a long way down if you fall off it. The name apparently had to be changed to accommodate certain international tourists who wouldn't like to visit places with nasty names.  I guess that's why Mt Howitt is pretty much left to the locals....  Ah tourism, that great saviour of the economy.

Access to the ledge is currently "closed to the public" until the safety rail is replaced. It is expected to "reopen" in September. The story I heard is that someone thought it was easier to pay the $10,000 fine for cutting it out before taking the photograph than to have it retouched out of the photograph.  I prefer to pay $0 and have retouched the orange plastic mesh across the steps out of the panorama.

This panorama might even be enough to make your palms sweaty as the camera viewpoint is 1.5m above the tip of the lower 'jaw'. As they say... If you're scared of heights, don't look down.


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