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Satellite Images of Victoria and Australia

Actually not all of these images are actually obtained from satellites. Some of them have been created from elevation data which has then been converted to images.  Either way it gives you a view that very few of us will actually get to see.

Sample image from initial composite

Under construction

This is a smaller version of the original image I've pieced together from preview images (about 700 tiles). I've given up matching the contrast over the whole image but I am using sections of it for regional maps, the first of which is the Grampians

Elevation data of Victoria converted to an image, colourised and then rendered to show this oblique view. 
[ Click for enlargement ]

Topographic 'Bump Map' of Australia

Source: Examples of images of the Australian continent that have been generated by AGSO (this sample is not longer there)

[ Click for enlargement ] Colourised version of the above file with lighting effects added using the image as a bump map.
[ Click for enlargement ] Current weather satellite images
This image is a composite of the Visible, IR1 and IR3 channels with some extra texture added to the clouds using the IR1 channel as a bump map.


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