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General Information

WWW Links

Actually, I really dislike links pages, especially when it comes to maintaining them. So instead of trying to provide another exhaustive list I'll point you to some other useful lists and leave this page for links that are:

  1. Really useful
  2. Really good
  3. Really interesting (to me) 
  4. Friends' pages or
  5. All of the above 
  6. And I might even include the official government pages..

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by the following links. They are, after all, official pages.


The Official Pages

    [ Tourism Victoria ]New government, new site design, new domain name... (Less of the ) Same old generalised information that tells you absolutely nothing really. But the events calendar is now even better and is undoubtedly the best part of the site. As for the rest, well it's still commercial, provides little useful information, the transport section is hopeless, the accommodation section is far from comprehensive and many areas have simply been forgotten.. They have a feedback page but don't bother asking for brochures or specific information, they just want to know whether you like the look of their new design.

  • The State Government's Homepage
    Official "don't scare off the tourists or investors" information at its best? This site has now bitten the dust, getting redirected to (they obviously use the same spin doctors as Tourism Victoria) which in turn gets redirected to the Tourism Victoria website.
  • The City of Melbourne Homepage
    The council's homepage
  • Vicnet
    The next best thing to Big Ben's Victoria.... Victoria's Victoria. This is the best place to track down community organisations and other information on Victoria.
  • Parks Victoria
    The spin doctors have been at it again... a new domain name. You have to worry about an organisation that has a motto of "Building Better Parks"
    • ...and their Tracks brochure site
      A pretty design, very average picks and very sketchy info... If you use their search engine, make sure you only select from one category or you probably won't get any results.
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment
    They are also responsible for managing our parks. If anyone can work out who does what, let me know. Some good stuff...

Facts and Figures

Directory Services

  • Telstra Whitepages 
    If you ask me to find something or someone then chances are I've used this.  This is the best place to start when you're looking for someone in Australia
  • Australian Postcodes
    Make sure your mail gets there quickly, put the right postcode on. This is not as silly as it sounds. 
  • City Search
    Very commercial but quite handy information
  • Whereis Street Atlas
    Street directory for major cities in Australia
  • Microsoft Terra Server
    Satellite images of Melbourne


If you're thinking of hiring a car, check with your airline to see if they have deals with local hirers. Also, compare the prices of hiring in Australia or prebooking in your own country. A consumer survey conducted here found that in most cases it was actually cheaper to book on arrival.

  • Country Trains (ie Buses)
  • Metropolitan Buses, Trams & Trains
  • Ansett Australia
  • QANTAS Airways
  • Greyhound Pioneer
    If a hire car is too expensive then you'll probably end up going by bus.
  • Budget Rentacar
    This is their international site but it looked like they had online reservations available (it wasn't working when I looked). They list their Australian branches in their Global Locations section. 
  • RailPage Australia, Australian Railway Timetables
    Actually if you're thinking of travelling around by train then good luck. Over the years successive Victorian governments have seen fit to reduce services. Most trains now go no further than the first major city outside of Melbourne and from there you change to a bus. 
  • Four Wheel Drive Tracks
    Many four wheel drive tracks are closed seasonally. This page lists several tracks and the dates which they are normally closed. Dates may be extended for various reasons (or for no reason at all from what I have seen of some of them)
  • Australian Geographic Place Names
    If it's on the map, it's in this database. Using this form you can get the map name/ number for any 1:100 000 or 1:250 000 map in Australia of any place/ landmark. It also gives you a crude map to show you the location of your search results.
  • The Map Shop


Things to do and see

[ Melbourne Zoo ] [ Healesville Sanctuary [ Werribee Zoo ]







The Grampians


The Murray

The Wimmera

Wilson's Promontory

  • Craig Horn's Prom page
    Craig has done a number of interesting walks in the prom and has some great pics to go with them.

Other Links Pages



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