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Alpine Regions

Camping and Alpine huts

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The Australian Alps Liaison Committee has released a code of conduct governing the use of huts and emergency shelters in the High Country. Many of the huts are of historical significance and they are also important shelters in case of adverse conditions. Much of the code is aimed at ensuring that the huts are in a suitable condition for use as an emergency shelter and goes something like this....

  • Use huts for shelter only, not for accommodation. Most huts have flat grassy areas perfect for pitching a tent.
  • Cook with fuel stoves and keep fires to a minimum. This is not so much because of the fire risk, but to maintain a supply of firewood for emergency situations. In several popular camping areas it can be a long walk to find firewood. (Some huts are in fuel-stove-only areas anyway)
  • Don't exhaust the supply of matches in huts and replace any firewood that you use.
  • Don't spoil the water supply. Observe standard camping toilet etiquette (at least 50m from water, downstream from camp site, dig a hole and cover it after etc....) Collect water upstream from huts and always boil it just in case.
  • Leave the hut cleaner than when you arrived and take your rubbish with you.

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The full code can be found here.


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