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"Patching" and Noise

Taking the previous page a step further let's look at the practice of zenith/nadir patching and how it reduces noise.

 test image Once again taking our test image , we'll now make two panoramas, one using a single row of 3 images and another with an additional horizontal and vertical patch image inserted. A rectilinear view of the zenith will then be extracted from each panorama to compare the noise. The test image was cropped to 170 prior to stitching to get an "expected" result from PTStitcher.

Single Row Single Row + Zenith/Nadir Patch
Panorama Panorama Panorama
Enlarged section of zenith Close up of zenith Close up of zenith

Notice that in the single row panorama the distortion of the noise is not evenly distributed making it extremely difficult to filter/retouch.

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