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Source Images


The source images I will be using are circular fisheye images which were shot inside an alpine hiking hut. There are a few problems with them, but this will help me illustrate some of the more advanced "workarounds" using Panorama Tools.

Source Images


Furthermore, what with the rigours of travelling in a backpack, my panorama head had got a little out of alignment so the camera was not rotated around the exact nodal point of the lens.  This is not a great problem for Panorama Tools, and will help to illustrate selecting control points and optimising variables when the lens parameters are not exactly known.

And then there's the contrast difference between the images due to some lens flare from the bright doorways and window. This is much less of a problem now that Panorama Tools provides some excellent colour/contrast matching features.

We will look at my method of zenith patching and find out just why I do it even though the other source images provide sufficient coverage.

And finally, the interior of the hut was very dark requiring an exposure time of 4 seconds at f11, while the correct outside exposure was only 1/30 second.  Because of the long exposure, the downward pointing photo was taken "off centre" and will require substantial "correction" to make it fit in to remove the tripod from the panorama. This will be a real challenge  ;-)

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