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Ready to use scripts

This page contains some sample scripts for performing common tasks. They are ready to use, but you may want to edit them to meet your own needs.  The default panoramas size is 3000x1500 pixels.

Script Tips

  •  Create a shortcut to PTStitcher in C:\Windows\SendTo.  Then you can simply select a script and the images (if required), right click on one of them and select Send To > PTStitcher from the popup menu.

  • These scripts include filenames for input images.  If your filenames match these then you only need to send the script to PTStitcher.

  • You can remove the i lines from the script and send the script and image(s) to PTStitcher as long as the names of your files are in the same alphanumeric order as the corresponding o lines. N.B. This will not work for scripts that use the same input image more than once (e.g. pshere2cube)

PTools and PTGui Scripts

Script Description Download
cube2pshere Converts cube faces to a single equirectangular image. Image order front, left, back, right, top, bottom. PTools | PTGui
pshere2cube Creates 6 cube faces from a single equirectangular image suitable for conversion to QT5. PTools | PTGui
cyl2psphere Used to convert several cylindrical panoramas to equirectangular panoramas.  Output is multiple TIFF files. PTools | PTGui
pshere2cyl Used to convert several equirectangular panoramas to cylindrical panoramas.  Output is multiple TIFF files. PTools | PTGui


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