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p Line Options

Output image parameters


p w3000 f2 n"JPEG q100" 

Require values are in RED






Width of the stitched image Number of pixels


Height of the stitched image in pixels Number of pixels Width/2


Projection format of the stitched image

0 Rectilinear
1 Cylindrical
2 Equirectangular


Horizontal field of view of the stitched image Number of degrees 360


File format of the stitched image. Optional parameters may be specified within parentheses.

PICT PICT-file on macs,
BMP-file on win
PSD_mask Photoshop file, one image per layer with masks for stitching
PSD_nomask Photoshop file, one image per layer, no stitching masks
PAN SmoothMove movie. Use only with f2.
IVR LivePicture IVR movie

Cylindrical (f1) or spherical (f2)

IVR_java LivePicture Java Panorama

Cylindrical (f1) or spherical (f2)

VRML VRML background node, use only with f2 for panoramas, or VRML-object for PTStereo
QTVR Apple QTVR-panomovie. Use only with f1
JPEG JPEG format
PSD Single layer Photoshop file, 48bits supported
PNG PNG-format, 48bits supported
TIFF TIFF-format, 48bits supported
3DMF 3DMF-object (PTStereo)


Options to create multiple images in PTInterpolate and PTMorpher.
a starting value
b end value
c increment
Value between 0 and 1
0 is left image, 1 is right image
k,b,d Colour correction Specify a reference image for colour correction of the other images.
  • k - Correct both brightness and colour
  • b - Correct brightness only
  • d - Correct colour only
not set
u Specify width of feather for stitching Number of pixels 10


Suppress buffer commands in the stitcher script generated by PTOptimizer. This option should be set if you wish to edit the final panoramic image, eg for the two PSD formats.

Optional n Parameters

Additional file format parameters may be specified by including them within parentheses in the n option. e.g.

n"QTVR w400 h300 c1"




Applicable Formats


Width of viewer window Number of pixels only QTVR on Macs


Width of viewer window Number of pixels only QTVR on Macs
c Codec
1 Cinepak
2 Sorenson
only QTVR on Macs
q Codec quality
0 high
1 normal
2 low
only QTVR on Macs
q Quality setting for JPEG compression 0-100 JPEG, PAN, IVR, IVR_java, VRML
g Progressive jpeg 0 - no, 1 - yes JPEG, PAN, IVR, IVR_java, VRML
p Initial pan angle 0-360 QTVR on Macs, VRML, IVR
v Field of view 0-160 QTVR on Macs, VRML, IVR



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