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Scripted Panorama 1

This sample uses javascript to read various parameters from PTViewer. It's handy for getting values for programming applets.


The Mouse is currently over Hotspot No: 
Pan Angle (Degrees)
Tilt Angle (Degrees)
Field of View (Degrees)


<APPLET name="ptviewer" archive=ptviewer.jar code=ptviewer.class 
    width=320 height=200 mayscript=true>
<PARAM name=file value="pano.jpg">
<PARAM name=mousehs value="mousehs">
<PARAM name=getview value="getview">


<SCRIPT language="JavaScript1.1">
function mousehs(n) {
if( n== -1 ) = "---" ;
else = n ;
function getview(p,t,f) { = p ; = t ; = f ;
function NewPano( ) {

Form fields

<FORM name="cn">
The Mouse is currently over Hotspot No: 
<INPUT TYPE="text" size=5 name="hsnum" value="" >
Pan Angle (Degrees)     
<INPUT TYPE="text" size=9 name="pan" value="" >
Tilt Angle (Degrees)    
<INPUT TYPE="text" size=9 name="tilt" value="" >
Field of View (Degrees) 
<INPUT TYPE="text" size=9 name="fov" value="" >

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