Big Ben's Panorama Tutorials

Which Files Do I Need?

PTViewer files

I've made a modified distribution of PTViewer that contains a folder with the class files extracted from the large applet to save the confusion of having to explain how to get them.

This is the same as Helmut's distribution with the addition of a folder called "Applet &Class" which contains the small applet and the class files.

For everyone else, all of the necessary files are in the ptviewer.jar file in the "BigApplet&Application" folder. Newer versions of Stuffit and Winzip will open .jar archives or you can open it with the java command:

Jar xf ptviewer.jar

Placing files

The simplest option is to place all of the files required to present a panorama in the one directory (including panorama images, html files, graphics and other media)

For further organisation it is advised that all media be placed below the directory level of the applet files.

If you intend to deliver your panoramas on CD then do not place the files in the root directory of the CD as java applets will not run from the root directory of a disk for security reasons.



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