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This tutorial covers most of the methods and software I use for the creation of Big Ben's Virtual Victoria and other panoramas. There are many ways to achieve the same result and each person has heir own preferences for the way they work.  These are mine, although many of the ideas have also been passed on by others so I can't take sole credit for them.

To keep up to date  with tips and suggestions I'd thoroughly recommend you subscribe to the Immersive Imaging mailing list. I've split the tutorial up into separate sections partly because it was getting so big, and partly because not everyone needs the entire tutorial. Such is the nature of the software that there are many uses other than the panoramas you see on my website.

I've made the tutorial a lot bigger than my first one, to include other aspects of panoramic photography that don't always get considered. Hopefully it should answer most of the questions that I receive, so if you ask me something and I reply with "RTFM" then the answer's in here somewhere.  ;-)

I don't expect to keep this tutorial completely up to date with the latest versions, not will it be comprehensive.  I don't have the time or resources to do that and there have already been about 4 version changes just while writing this.  Much of the information will hopefully explain the main principles in such a way that they will still be relevant to future versions to a large extent.


Other contributors to this tutorial (by way of helping me come to terms with the technical stuff and bouncing ideas around) include:


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