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I have X images shot with Y lens at Z intervals. Can you give me a script that will stitch them successfully?

In short...  No. There are several factors that can introduce small errors which, added up, will produce a very average looking result. This tutorial covers many of them and hopefully by the time you've read it you'll understand why the answer is no.

The horizon in my panorama is like a roller coaster. What went wrong and how do I fix it?

There are several ways to "straighten" a panorama but by far the easiest solution to this problem is prevention. Unless you have specified horizontal or vertical lines in your script for optimising control points there is no information that tells the optimiser which way is up.  If you attempt to optimise the roll and pitch angles for all of the images then the values may drift from what you expect. In practise then, it is necessary to fix the roll, pitch and yaw angles for one of the images.



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