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Additional Software

Apart from Terragen and a good image editor like Photoshop this tutorials/notes refers to the following software.



Panorama Tools


  • http://www.ptgui.com/
  • An excellent GUI for Panorama Tools.  It's possible to do without it but it makes life a lot harder.



  • An excellent star mapping program which we'll use to create star fields for night skies.
  • http://www.hnsky.org/
  • Additional supplements
    • Tycho2+ databases
    • Milkway supplement
    • World map supplement
    • and anything else that takes your fancy.
  • Before you think of downloading the GSC databases to increase the number of stars even further, be warned that the distribution of stars in this database is not very even. Some tiles look much darker than others adjacent to them making the data set unsuitable for full sky panoramas.

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